Afaq: Horizons | Re-defining the realms of possibilities

Dreams and reality meet at the seams of consciousness.
Far from being mutually exclusive; one drives
the other while trying to conquer it. Only to find
itself even more entangled and intertwined in
an everlasting chasing game, where the conqueror
is generally conquered.

Dreams and Reality, separated by the very thin
line that is the realm of possibilities.
A line inviting us to cross everyday,
only to re-position itself a little further.
Inviting us to push, surpass and rise above ourselves,
as we're faced with reality.

I had a vision of love, serenity, faith, acceptance
and humility, where boundaries and walls of separation are
nothing but distant memories.

I saw simple and minimal lines that long for
freedom, soft sensual cuts charged with historical
and cultural codes, and rimmed with handmade

I felt soft and natural fabrics, some opaque,
others translucent, raw, fine, plain..
completely reconstructed and re-purposed
materials that merge all together, allowing
room for breath, movement, appreciation
and self expression whilst still maintaining the
unspoken mystery of destinies unfolding
to the rythm of dreams and ambitions that
stop at nothing.

I noticed contrasting colors, light and airy,
rich and saturated, engorged with the luxury
of simplicity and the mysterious tale of a day
in the Orient.

I visualized women shedding their inhibitions
and their protective armors.
Women embracing their humanity, and putting
it on a pedestal as their greatest asset.
Women embracing the strength of being vulnerable,
of being open, of being alive, really, truly,
fully, for better and for worse.

Breaking the walls.
Coming together.
Walking the line.
Grasping what was once out of reach.
Redefining every day the realm of possibilities.