Baraka: A Tale of Blessings and Silver Linings

Life is a Gift.
Every birth, every presence, every coincidence…
Carries its share of wonder and hidden blessings with it
For those who want to see, For those who want to believe

Every day, every sunrise, every nightfall…
Except somewhere between dusk and dawn we lose track:
We get distracted by the challenges,
And get entangled in webs of a messy, unkind world.

Every moment, every meeting, every person…
We overlook opportunities, the possibility of a new outlook
The promise of a different path, of a more forgiving perception

We lose the ability to see the beauty and wonder of how things come to be
We become jaded; find the negative and the disbelief in everything.
We shove our ability to trust and have faith
In life, in ourselves and in others, deep in our unconscious mind.
Thinking it will help protect us from life, from ourselves.

I had a vision of serenity, faith, acceptance and humility,
Where tension and resistance are nothing but distant memories.
I saw simple and minimal lines that long for freedom,
In complete communion with gifts of our present existence.
Soft sensual cuts charged with historical and cultural codes
And rimmed with handmade ornamentation.

I felt soft and natural fabrics; some opaque, others translucent, raw, fine, plain…
completely reconstructed and repurposed materials that merge all together,
Allowing room for breath, movement, appreciation and self expression whilst still maintaining the unspoken mystery of things coming together and stories unfolding.

I noticed light and airy colors, engorged with the luxury of simplicity and the mysterious tale of a warm summer day in the orient.

I visualized women embracing the reality of their being,
Accepting the present moment and celebrating the blessings that come with it.
Women conscious of the gift of life.
Even if everything around it doesn’t make sense.

Women telling tales
Of blessings and silver linings


Women making history.