There’s a divine quality to artistry.

Awe-inspiring pieces and places command respect, reverence and admiration.

Even more so, when they are ancient and carry a piece of history or testimony to the heritage of artists and artisans.

The Orient has lost a lot of its cultural heritage in the past years:

Traditions, Craftsmanship, Customs, Monuments and Artistry destroyed and forgone.

Essentially the genetic makeup of the region’s identity, heart and soul.

I followed nostalgia to eras I did not witness, like stories your grandfather would tell you to the beat of an old tune while showing you moments captured in an album.

I saw simple and minimal lines, charged with historical and cultural codes and that seem to follow a natural order of scalable similarity known as the divine proportion or golden ratio.

I felt lusciously contradicting fabrics and material; some opaque, others translucent, textured, matte, shiny and lattice-like that all merge together.

I noticed warm and rich colors, engorged with the luxurious mysticism of the orient.

I visualized women embracing the reality of their being, of what makes them who they are, and what they stand for.

Women becoming their own legend.

Women nodding to history and tradition.

Women making history.