Light and darkness coexist in shadows. They are complete opposites, conflicting poles, which can’t exist one without the other. One is always chasing after the other, trying to conquer it, only to find itself even more entangled and intertwined.

I followed the light in its game with darkness, to find it in everything that exists.

I had a vision of faith, hope and beauty touched by light. I saw simple and minimal lines, charged with historical and cultural codes and rimmed with handmade ornamentation.

I felt lusciously contradicting fabrics and material; some opaque, others translucent, matte, shiny, lattice like that all merge together; catering for shades and shadows, allowing the passage of light whilst still maintaining privacy and catering for intimacy.

I noticed warm and rich colors, engorged with the luxurious mysticism of the orient.

I visualized women embracing the reality of their being, and shining from within; Women becoming light.

Light of Light.